Whale Tale Games

Mobile Game Design & Development

We make mobile games and apps to entertain people.

We also like whales, and tales about whales doing cool stuff.

Whale Tale Games is group of developers passionate about making fun games we enjoy playing and random apps that are funny.

Our Apps

We create our own apps and games but can also be hired to build your dream game.

Floppy Wings Floppy Wings
for iOS
Juggler! Juggler!
for iOS
Zombie Vision for FLIR ONE Zombie Vision
NovaVision for FLIR ONE NovaVision

We are partnered with the Indie Game Alliance, an international team comprised of independent designers and publishers, writers, artists, and players. Who assist with recruiting, organization, and logistics for independent game developers.

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You will also be eligible for a 10% discount on our services.

Let us help you build your dream game!

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